Laura Loomer Wants Harvard University To Kick Out Parkland Shooting Survivor Kyle Kashuv Because He Used The “N-Word”

Posted 5.24.2019 by Steeve Strange
Laura Loomer (image via InfoWars)

Laura Loomer, a conservative activist who has been banned from nearly every relevant social media platform, is calling on Harvard University to revoke the acceptance of Parkland shooting survivor and former Turning Point USA Director Kyle Kashuv.

In a written message posted on the social media app Telegram, Loomer said of Kashuv, “I honestly think his acceptance into Harvard should be revoked.”

Loomer added, “There are kids who work their ass off and don’t use the death of 17 people as a resume holder and kids who don’t call black People the N word who deserve to go to Harvard.”

The de-platformed journalist said she would “much rather a poor black student get Kyle’s position at Harvard.”

Loomer then wrote, “In fact, I feel so strongly about the N word that I am going to personally Contact Harvard and let them know that as a conservative, I condemn Kyle and they should too.”

Loomer called on her Telegram subscribers (all 9,500 of them) to help her with her plan to get Kashuv kicked out of Harvard.  “Join me in telling Harvard to give Kyle Kashuv’s admission spot to a hard working black student instead.  Lots of black conservatives out there who would love an Ivy League education.  Let’s make it happen,” Loomer wrote.

Loomer ended her post with the hashtag “#LoveTrumpsHate.”

image via Telegram

Loomer then proceed to post a screenshot containing the contact information for Harvard’s College Admissions office.

Loomer’s message was in response to a series of leaked screenshots that allegedly show Kashuv repeatedly using the hard ‘r’ n-word and making other disparaging remarks about black people.


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