Steve Scalise EXPOSES All The Socialist Programs In Nancy Pelosi’s $2.5 Trillion Coronavirus Bill

Posted 3.25.2020 by Cameron Shizznit

The White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement today on a historic $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill, ending days of heated negotiation.

This comes after House Republicans exposed Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $2.5 Trillion proposed relief package for being nothing more than a socialist wish List.

Dan Crenshaw: Hold Democrats Accountable For Delaying Coronavirus Relief Bill!

The Senate was set to pass the bill this past weekend until Senate Minority leader Schumer pushed Democrats to reverse their promise of bi-partisan cooperation and block the CARES Act.

Even the left-wing New York Times left no doubt which party will be blamed if the bill does not reach President Trump’s desk saying:


Nancy Pelosi Stuffs Coronavirus Relief Bill With Tax Credits For Windmills And Other Far-Left Policies

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) released a list of items that showed House Democrats care more about their socialist political agenda than the American people that the bill is supposed to help. Some items included in Pelosi’s “Socialist Wishlist” are:

• Require all airlines that receive assistance to offset carbon emissions for domestic flights by 2025.

• A $1 billion “cash for clunkers” airplane program where the Transportation Department would buy fuel-inefficient planes from airlines in exchange for agreeing to buy new ones.

• An expansive new tax-credit for solar and wind energy.

• A $10,000 blanket Student Loan forgiveness.

• Mandate how states must run elections, including the nationalization of ballot harvesting, requiring early voting, same-day registration, and no-excuse vote by mail.

• Allow certain funding to go to sanctuary cities.

• Limit Customs and Border Patrol’s ability to shut down processing centers if there is a health crisis on the border and requires CBP to assure the timely adjudication of asylums applications.

• Require the Homeland Security Department to automatically extend visas and work authorizations expiring within the next year, including those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status, for an amount of time equal to their prior visa, authorization or status.

• Rewrites the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program policy with no reference to COVID-19 and permanently disallows rule-making pertaining to work requirements and eligibility.

• Permanent expansion of Obamacare entitlement.

Summing it up, Scalise said:

“Speaker Pelosi unveiled legislation aimed at exploiting the COVID-19 public health crisis by attempting to force the inclusion of a socialist wish list of policies that have nothing to do with the public health and economic emergency … Instead of working in a bipartisan, bicameral way to provide this immediate relief, the speaker has proposed legislation that includes highly partisan provisions while excluding key patient care provisions that would have a real impact on Americans affected by COVID-19.”

Now that the Senate has passed its version of the CARES Act, it remains to be seen if Pelosi and House Democrats move the bill as is to the President or attempt to allow their agenda to once again delay aid to those who need it most – the American people.

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